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5 min readJun 30, 2021

In India, buying a Car is always a dream of every individual. That is how the Indian Automobile sector works. We all have a dream of a Car and We end up this dream by buying a car at some point of time in our life.

A Car is not only a vehicle but it is also a symbol of status and pride but once you will buy a car, It comes with some challenges.

In order to keep good running of your car it is necessary to do maintenance of your car. In India, We have some Good, Bad or Worst roads so it is a big challenge to maintain good condition of Car and one more challenge is traffic on roads.

We are going to discuss top 8 car maintenance tips to keep your car in good condition and this tips are very simple and easy which can easily performed by yourself at home during weekends.

Always Go Through Owner’s Manual

Every car comes with an Owner’s user manual. You must read the user manual to know more details about your car. All the information related to Service Period, Engine Oil Change Intervals and other basic troubleshooting is given in it.

You can easily solve your basic problem by following the user manual and the mechanic or service center will also suggest you to read the Manual and give you car maintenance tips.

Change/Top Up Engine Oil Regularly

Engine Oil in cars is the same as blood which flows in your body which flows inside the engine to keep things intact. It is very important to change oil at regular intervals to keep the health of your Engine.

You can also check Engine Oil level through Dipstick which is given in your car Engine or Digital display which is in digital gauge. You can ask your mechanic about how to check Oil level and always maintain prescribed Oil level and check quality of Engine Oil for a longer run.

Check All Other Fluid In Car

Apart from Engine oil in cars, There are some other fluids like Brake Oil, Gear Oil, Coolant, Power Steering Fluid and Glass Washer Fluid. Always fill all the fluids as per given markings.

You can take the help of your mechanic to maintain these levels. Changing all the fluids at regular intervals will help you to keep your car in good condition for a longer run.

Check Battery

Without a Battery, Your car will not start ! Nowadays batteries are the latest trends and technology so you just need to check it once. You can check terminals of the battery to remove dust or rust and clean them properly.

If you are not using your car regularly then you can start your car for sometime like 5 Minutes to keep your car battery alive. Once the battery is not working after some years, it is easy to change a battery is very simple.

Always Check Tyre Pressure

It is advisable to check tyre pressure at least once in 10 days. Tyre condition will not affect only handling but it will also affect the fuel consumption as well.

If tyre pressure is less than required pressure then the car tyre will be bent early and higher tyre pressure is not also good because sometimes it may burst so always maintain tyre pressure given by car manufacturer and you can check required tyre pressure at the Driver’s door.

Clean/Replace The Air Filter

Cleaning the Air Filter is a very easy and simple job and it is easy to access Air Filter in Modern cars using basic tools. You can check Air Filter once in a month. You can clean or replace Air Filter if it\’s damaged.

If you are driving in dusty conditions then dust will accumulate in your car and it will affect the efficiency of the engine so keep the air filter clean for efficiency of engine so it is good to follow this car maintenance tips.

Check Wheel Alignment

While driving a car on a straight road and if your car drifts to the sides then you need to adjust the wheel alignment. You can go to your car workshop or authorised wheel alignment centre so it will do alignment for you.

Also rotate your tyres to ensure that there is no rusting and the wheel is rotating freely so this type of preventive action will save your big bills on your next service.

Keep the exterior and interior clean

Last but not the list, Always keep the interior and exterior of the car clean. Wash your car regularly once a week and also clean the interior as well.

Do not dump water bottles, Food items and unnecessary things inside the car. Washing and cleaning your car regularly will keep your car color shiny and give protection to it.

You can follow the simple car maintenance tips which are given this blog will help you to keep your car in good condition. You can get good performance and fuel efficiency by this type of maintenance so it ensures you worry free drive.

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